The Fitba Hacks - David Preece

September 20, 2016

Former Aberdeen Goalkeeper and Sunderland Echo columnist David Preece joins host Jonny McFarlane to discuss his career.


The Fitba Hacks - David Edgar

September 4, 2016
Former RST Media spokesman, podcaster and writer David Edgar joins Jonny McFarlane to assess the role of the new media in the modern sports journalism landscape.

The Fitba Hacks - Iain King

August 21, 2016

This week sees former Head of Sport at the Scottish Sun Iain King join Jonny McFarlane to reflect on his career.


The Fitba Hacks - Kenny Shiels

August 15, 2016

Former Kilmarnock manager Kenny Shiels joins Jonny McFarlane to look back at his career, the media and issues around youth development.


The Fitba Hacks - Chris Jack

August 7, 2016
This episode sees Jonny McFarlane meet Chris Jack, The Herald and Times Senior Sports reporter to discuss his career and the issues facing sports journalists in Scotland.

The Fitba Hacks - Archie Mac Pherson

July 24, 2016

Jonny McFarlane talks to the legendary commentator and broadcaster about his career.


The Fitba Hacks - Stevie Grieve

July 10, 2016
In the first episode of Season two, Jonny welcomes Mind Game pundit and coach Stevie Grieve. We look back on Stevie's fascinating career to date and touch on key debates surrounding punditry, coaching and youth development.

The Fitba Hacks - Stephen McGowan

April 10, 2016

The last episode of series one sees Jonny talking to the Daily Mail's Stephen McGowan. They discuss 'Jock Brown's organ', Fergus McCann's interview technique, why Jock Stein was never knighted and Stephen's new book Heartbreakers; Celtic, Albert Kidd and 1986.


The Fitba Hacks - Jim Black

March 14, 2016

This weeks guest is Jim Black, the Highlands based freelancejournalist and former chief sports writer for the Scottish Sun.

Here he gives us the inside info on the Mo Johnston signingstory, tells of a strange encounter with a tipsy Gazza at Cameron HouseHotel and explains the delicacies of dealing with the complex character that is Colin Montgomery.


The Fitba Hacks - Gordon Waddell

February 29, 2016

This weeks guest is The Sunday Mail's Gordon Waddell. Here he discusses his career and the issues facing sports journalists in Scotland. The discussion covers the changes to the workforce over the last 25 years, recent events at The Herald, trying to get a quote from a young Duncan Ferguson, how Scots hacks got preferential treatment at Sir Alex Ferguson press conferences and interviewing George Graham at a top London restaurant.