The Fitba Hacks - Roger Mitchell

December 7, 2015
This week Jonny talks to the former Chief executive of the SPL, Sky journalist and Chairman of popular website Give Me Sport, Roger Mitchell.
Roger talks about the individuals he met along the way, including Jim McLean, David Murray and Silvio Berlusconi, how he feels about the methods of the Scottish sport press pack and the fascinating story behind SPL TV.

The Fitba Hacks - Jim Spence

December 2, 2015
Jim Spence talks to host Jonny McFarlane about his life as a journalist. Jim touches on his clash with an angry Jim McLean, why Giovanni Di Stefano always takes a seat in the corner of a restaurant and his recent issues over comments made on air about Rangers.

The Fitba Hacks - Simon Pia

November 25, 2015

Simon Pia is one of the premier journalists in Scotland. Alongside host Jonny McFarlane, he looks back on his long and varied career with stories about Andy Goram, Sean Connery, David Murray and the pressures of facing a 500k libel writ.


The Fitba Hacks - Keith Jackson

November 20, 2015
In the first of the series, Chief Football writer for the Daily Record Keith Jackson(@tedermeatballs) talks to blogger and host Jonny McFarlane (@jonnyrmcfarlane) about his career and the issues faced by modern sports journalists.
Keith talks about his role in the Mo Johnston transfer saga, the 'succulent lamb' years, his relationship with David Murray and his now infamous 'off the radar' piece.
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November 20, 2015

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